This Code of Ethics is the expression of our values. It presents the way we wish to work, act and engage with the world.

It is a guideline for our daily choices and decisions, for our responsible conduct and citizenship. In each and every moment, we wish for a planet where everybody has his or her place.

Our Code of Ethics is based on values and key principles: respecting and protecting each and every human being, respecting and protecting fauna, flora and environment at large.

Our partners and close collaborators subscribe to the same fundamentals and as such generate a creative synergy implementing new modes of organization and functioning.

Our ambition is to take part in this vast worldly movement and develop it so that we can all share transparent and fair processes.

We support and develop honest and responsible trading.

The great challenge of the 21st century has already begun,
right here right now, and we are together part of it.


Our committed and responsible wish is to implement the best conditions for innovation. This contributes to cluster the initiatives and projects to create a better world, open to all and for all generations to come.

We are the citizens of this world:
one unique nation.

Our philosophy is to empower the individual to accomplish his or her projects and gather the beneficial conditions to meet success.

In fostering the fulfillment of each project, we boost personal fulfillment thanks to the recognition of talents, the variety of know-hows and the individual qualities.

Our identity is based on strong ethics and is shown through our fundamental professional and social values.


Dignity – Respect – Honesty – Equality
Transparency – Protection
Appreciation – Loyalty – Integrity

One part of our proceeds is reinvested in different actions among which are:

  • Research and innovative pilot programs focused on eco-agriculture, sustainable energies, environmental protection, sustainable development…
  • Development and application of children, women, and men’s rights.
  • In a broader way, whenever the financial balance allows, humanitarian support in different forms for emergency and crisis situations…

The other part of the proceeds is used for the
sustainability of 7 F A C T.


We respect equality and the charts of Women and Men’s Rights, the chart of Children’s rights as well as the disabled people’s rights, and the equality in terms of rights and opportunities for everyone. We carefully ensure that those rights are implemented, respected and applied. We carefully ensure that any vulnerable sentient being is protected according to his or her rights. We carefully ensure that our partners, collaborators and anybody taking part in our projects and activities respect these rights and apply these values.

We uphold a strong commitment against children’s labor – and against any kind of forced and undeclared labor, including classical and modern slavery – against professional discrimination of disabled employees in particular, and of any kind of employees in general, against corruption, against abusive lobbying, against human, animal and vegetal abuse, against deforestation, against industrial massive pollution of air, water, oceans, sea beds, soils, and forests, against global warming.

We respect the Universal Rights of each and every sentient being, including the beings living in the fauna, the flora and the environment that make up our world.